This year has been very exciting in the world of interior design.

Among all the remodel trends, tiles take center stage. Let’s explore three tile styles that are dominating the remodels in 2024.

1. Nature-Inspired Tiles: The natural world becomes a muse for tile designs. Expect to see earthy tones, botanical motifs, and textures reminiscent of wood and stone. These tiles evoke a sense of serenity and promote well-being and harmony within interiors.

earthy style floor tile for remodel

2. Terrazzo Revival: A design classic undergoes a contemporary revival in 2024. The versatility of Terrazzo allows for a wide range of color combinations and patterns, offering a playful yet sophisticated design. From bathroom floors to kitchen backsplashes, expect to see the timeless allure of Terrazzo making a solid comeback.

tile interior design board

3. 3D Textured Tiles: In 2024, the flat is out, and the texture is in. 3D textured tiles have emerged as a prominent trend, providing depth and dimension to walls and surfaces. From geometric patterns in monochromatic tones to bold, textured accent walls, 3D tiles offer a versatile and eye-catching option for those seeking to add a touch of contemporary drama to their spaces.

3d textured tile

These three tile styles are poised to redefine interiors. Construction experts are keen to obtain the final look you have been dreaming about for a flawless installation of these tile styles. Our dedicated construction and design team is ready to give you a dreamy remodel of your home.