“Inspection List” Realtor Customer, DFW Metroplex

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It was an involved, complex, long list. The realtor contacted HDP Construction saying that their customer needed to sell their home but the inspection list of items was QUITE extensive. Could our team handle it?

As with many customers within the past 8 years, we simply responded “Yes!” So, began the process of managing the repairs and scheduling the team of multiple trade experts.

By email we received the copy of the Inspection Report and the realtor’s addendum that listed which items the seller was interested in having done. Our Field team previewed the list and with one site visit were able to project a written estimate to the realtor and homeowner for the repairs.

Our office & field team worked in tandem to pull together our electrician, plumber, carpenter, painter and handymen. Methodically, we tackled each item on the list on time for the closing date and on budget!

The seller was so perfectly pleased that they posted our magnet for the new homeowner Not much time passed before we received a call from the new owner to provide a living space remodeling estimate, which was successfully completed to their renovation satisfaction.

From one extensive and seemingly overwhelming list, two homeowners (and even one realtor) had their construction stress level lowered and their joy in the process raised.