Remodeling a kitchen can be a lot of work. You might be filled with anxiety and decision overload when starting. HDP is here to help! Let’s start with kitchen cabinets. This piece of the kitchen is a staple. It defines the look, feel, and space for the whole kitchen as it takes up the most visual appeal when looking at the entire space. When remodeling kitchen cabinets, we look at 4 different avenues: kitchen cabinet painting, kitchen cabinet style, kitchen cabinet hardware, and unique features to elevate the kitchen cabinets,

Below, we will discuss kitchen cabinet hardware and explore how HDP chooses the kitchen cabinet hardware for the customer’s dream kitchen.

kitchen-cabinet-hardware-black kitchen cabinet hardware - metal kitchen cabinet hardware - pulls kitchen cabinet hardware- brown kitchen cabinet hardware- glass knobs Kitchen cabinet hardware- knobs

To begin, here are 4 easy steps that help you, the homeowner, decide on kitchen cupboard hardware for your remodeled kitchen:

  • Decide if you want kitchen cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls, cabinet handles, or all.
  • Determine kitchen cabinet hardware size for your cabinet handles & pulls and cabinets with knobs.
  • Decide on kitchen cabinet hardware styles.
  • Consider the material

Let’s dive into how HDP transformed a kitchen by updating the cabinet hardware to elevate the space.

Assessment of the Space: The first step is to assess the kitchen space. HDP starts by evaluating the existing cabinets to determine what changes are needed to enhance the overall aesthetic.

  • Defining the Theme: After assessing the space, HDP will decide on a theme to help guide the transformation. For this particular project below, we aimed for a crisp, clean, modern look with accents of gold.
  • Selection of Hardware: HDP changed the cabinet hardware to achieve the desired aesthetic. Instead of traditional black knobs that were initially on the cabinets, we chose to install the kitchen cabinet with handles ( cabinet pulls) in metal with sleek and modern shapes.HDP decided to elevate the cabinets’ style and align them with the chosen theme.
  • Consideration of Size and Style: HDP carefully measured the cabinets to ensure the new hardware would fit properly. We considered the hardware’s length, depth, and center-to-center distance to determine the correct size for existing holes or whether new holes need to be drilled. Additionally, we selected metal pulls that complemented the modern aesthetic and added subtle accents of gold to tie into the kitchen’s overall theme.
  • Material Choice: Finally, HDP considered the hardware’s material. The client chose metal knobs and pulls and HDP for their versatility and ability because they work well with various kitchen styles, including modern, mid-century modern, traditional, French country, or transitional.

Implementation: Once the client and the HDP team made all decisions, we installed the new cabinet hardware, carefully ensuring each piece was aligned correctly and securely attached to the cabinets.

Result: By changing out the knobs on the cabinets to a pull drawer cabinet with sleek metal pulls with modern shapes and accents of gold, HDP successfully transformed the kitchen cabinets, with one step closer to elevating the space to align with the desired crisp, clean, modern look.

After-Kitchen-Remodel. New kitchen cabinet hardware
Utilizing 3D rendering to bring the client’s dream kitchen to life before construction begins is a brilliant way to ensure everyone is on the same page and to determine any necessary tweaks that will be made before construction. By carefully considering all the details of the cabinets, from the hardware to the overall design, HDP ensures that the final result perfectly aligns with the client’s vision for their dream space. This attention to detail and commitment to bringing dreams to life sets HDP apart in creating genuinely exceptional kitchens. With the 3D rendering serving as a roadmap, clients can rest assured that their dream kitchen cabinets are imagined, meticulously crafted, and realized.
Kitchen Remodel- 3D rendering - Southlake
HDP’s strategic approach to updating the cabinet hardware significantly enhanced the kitchen’s overall aesthetic and achieved the desired transformation. This is one crucial step on the way to a fully remodeled kitchen.