Creating a Custom Wine Room, Country Club Neighborhood, Fort Worth

Storing and handling wine collections is a delicate endeavor. A customized, exclusive and carefully designed space for storing their collection is a worthy must-have for connoisseurs who obtain wine collections based on an understanding of the historical value of a particular bottle.

Crafting this entirely new wine room was a most exciting component in our 5500 sq ft entire home remodel project (featured in our Remodeling project notes, ‘Entire Home’). All of the space and design details were expertly executed to provide a cool and humid environment for ongoing wine storage.

First, we closed off a wall and doubled the room size from a 4’X3’ space to an 8’X6’ area. After determining the load-bearing structures were sufficient, our specialized crew ran a self-contained HVAC unit into the room, with an external condensing unit on the roof. Then, in accordance with the unique requirements of successful wine room function, a thermostat device was installed in an empty wine bottle to regulate the consistency of the temperature for all of the wine bottles.

Enhancing the custom requirements of the wine room project was the selection of materials that support the atmospheric needs of an extensive and longterm collection. The wine room door and the interior cabinets were made from luxuriously handsome and highly durable mahogany wood, as mahogany is unyielding to moisture rot and doesn’t warp or swell – making it ideal for humid wine room environments. Travertine tile was selected for the room’s flooring, because similar to mahogany wood, it is sturdy and moisture resistant.

The custom look and feel of this space was not only prepared as a perfect storage location, but also also designed with the goal of showcasing the collection for our customer and their guests. Connecting the wall of cabinets was a complete surround enclosure of a 7 foot tall tempered, shatter-resistant, ½ inch thick glass.

The exquisiteness of this customized project is displayed in the photos below: