Architects vs Interior Designers

Architects vs Interior Designers

Deciding on architects vs interior designers depends on your needs. A trusted general contractor will be needed by both professions in order to bring your project to life.

Architects design buildings of any kind. An architect will draw up a design for a building or room (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) from scratch and supervise its construction. They will aim to build a unique and stylish building while making sure that the structure is both stable and sound.

Interior designers work with a client to draw up a design for the interior of a building while making sure the space is both functional and aesthetic. These designs can be simple only dealing with furnishings and paint or they can be more intensive and require a construction contractor to make structural changes.

Do you want to build a home from scratch and work with a professional to create both the interior and exterior? In this case you need an architect, while more expensive they can build exactly the home you want from the foundation up. Have a home that simply needs a makeover? This is a job for an interior designer. For considerably less than an architect a designer can help you decide whether to knock down a wall or put one up, what color to paint your living room, what countertop surface best suits your dream kitchen and much more. While both professions provide unique and valuable services, a contractor will be needed to make their ideas reality.

Counter Top Comparison

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Likely the most popular countertop surface, Quartz is an engineered stone. It is made of a resin and quartz blend which allows for more color choices than you can find with natural stone. This durable and attractive surface is perfect for any kitchen or bathroom. Quartz ranges from 100-150$ per square foot.

Granite is a natural stone that makes for beautiful countertops. While they require some maintenance Granite countertops are among the strongest and most durable you can find. Granite can range from 50-200$ per square foot.

Marble is considered the most elegant countertop surface available. While requiring some maintenance, Marble offers outstanding durability and unparalleled beauty. Though it is among the most expensive surfaces ranging from 125-250$ per square foot.

Solid Surface is a man-made material that can mimic marble, granite or stone. It is affordable and easily repaired, making it one of the most cost effective countertop surfaces you can buy. Solid Surface countertops range from 75-125$ per square foot.

Butcher Block is a wooden, affordable, eco friendly surface that provides a warm, organic landing surface in a kitchen. If properly cared for this surface can be very durable and is a great choice for any kitchen. Butcher Block countertops range from 35-200$ per square foot.

An Entire Home Remodel, Country Club Neighborhood, Fort Worth…

When tackling any home remodel, the design, labor and material details, not to mention navigating all codes, permits and inspection requirements, must be continually managed and monitored to keep the project on-time and within budget.

For this entire home remodel, we humbly accomplished both!

Remodeling a 5500 square foot split-level house in the upscale country club neighborhood was a project that not only required the City of Fort Worth’s approval on the blueprint kitchen and bathroom drawings created for the homeowners, but also the City’s involvement upon moving load-bearing structures, plumbing connections, and electrical systems in multiple areas of the home. In this post, we tell the story of how we transformed this home’s complete interior from a dated design into a well constructed masterpiece with beautifully appointed details, including a custom-installed wine room (described in further details in a separate post).

We began in the master bathroom by removing opposing his/her vanities on a peninsula in the middle of the room to extend the shower area. After we relocated the plumbing, we created a 6’X6’ shower haven with dual his & her shower valves, body sprays and rain heads. The homeowner selected a pebble-tile floor for the shower to replicate the natural feel of standing on a river bank with water gently cascading around your feet.

We installed a custom shower bench and created an exterior window to bring in the natural hues of outdoor lighting. Then, we extended the tub space by 1 ft. and installed a jetted tub with a built-in tub step and plant ledge. Roman fixtures were added to complement the elegant Carrara marble countertops completing the space with an overall pristine, spa-getaway appeal.

Since the addition of Carrara marble was so successful in the bathroom, the owner selected the same material on all countertop surfaces in the kitchen – which by the way, we completely gutted and rebuilt. Our skilled team demolished down to the studs, and we took out the existing peninsula and countertops. We collaborated with the homeowner to design an entirely new kitchen layout which included closing off a wall to create space for the wine room.

An L-shaped island with an elevated breakfast bar was added, requiring specialized construction effort as we moved the gas supply from the old peninsula to the desired location. This involved cutting through the sub-floor so the plumber could crawl in the space – luckily, he was small.

We installed all new appliances and custom designed cabinets throughout the kitchen, while also building the space for and installing overhead can lighting, plus ensuring structural integrity was intact for hanging an exquisite chandelier over the bar.

Throughout all other areas of the home we repaired, textured and painted walls, ceilings and doors. And ultimately uniting the entire remodeling project was installation and renovation of flooring throughout the entire house.

The most labor intensive part of the floor renovations was restoring the existing hardwood floors. The family rooms, halls, landing and 85 (yes, EIGHTY-FIVE) stairs were all sanded, handscraped, stained and finished. And, the result was well worth the effort. The beautiful walnut stain with a satin finish was absolutely breathtaking.

New carpet was added to every room in the downstairs area which included the master suite and 4 guest bedrooms, an office and a large family room. Chic and durable Travertine tile was installed in the kitchen, bar, wine room and each of the 5 bathrooms.

Take a look at the finished product – on time, in budget and, yes, all green tagged with the City’s favor:

Mbird Tub Completed