10 ways to update and improve your SHOWER & BATH this SUMMER

Happy Summer to all! As we are all trying to bear the heat this summer my mind is drawn to how many times we take showers or baths during the summer and how helpful it is to have a renovated shower or bath that meets our needs. Having a well-renovated shower or bath that meets our needs is essential, especially during the hot summer months. Whether it’s rinsing off after a day at the beach, cooling down after outdoor activities, or simply refreshing ourselves from the heat, a renovated shower can make a world of difference in our summer routines. Here are 10 ways to update and improve your overall shower and bath experience so we can enjoy the sunshine and make the most of our summer days, knowing that we have a beautifully renovated shower waiting to help us beat the heat and feel refreshed whenever we need it. Cheers to a fantastic summer ahead!


Make it An Enclosed Tub and Shower Combo

    • Combining a shower and bath in one enclosure is a clever way to maximize space and functionality, especially in smaller bathrooms or for families with young children. Not only does it save space, but it also offers the convenience of having both options in a single location. Make sure to choose a material that will be durable. Additionally, the installation process for a shower and bath combo is typically quicker compared to installing separate units, which can help reduce labor time and costs, making it a practical choice for many homeowners. Overall, it’s a smart solution that offers versatility and convenience without compromising on style or functionality

tub and shower combo 2 tub and shower combo 1

Add a Freestanding Tub aka Soaking Tub

  • Free-standing tubs are great for small spaces, very cost-effective, and still achieve a high-end look while being functional. A soaking tub is also a pretty inexpensive purchase. Soaking tubs, in particular, are excellent for relaxation and visual appeal. They offer a luxurious bathing experience, allowing individuals to unwind and rejuvenate after a long day. Beyond the aesthetic benefits, there are also notable health advantages to soaking in hot water. The increased blood flow can promote skin health by nourishing skin cells, potentially soothing irritation, and reducing redness

Add a Seat to your Shower

    • Adding a seat to your shower offers numerous benefits, particularly for individuals with mobility issues or those who simply desire added comfort and convenience. Shower seating can also bring a spa-like luxury to your shower experience and make it more comfortable when taking a shower and wanting to relax. It creates a comfortable and relaxing environment, allowing individuals to fully unwind and enjoy their shower time. A shower seat can also help with convenience in daily routines. With a shower seat, you now have a designated place to prop your leg and shave it.

shower seat - long built in shower seat- wooden


Add Built-in Niches for More Storage

  • Built-in shower storage niches are incredibly practical and can enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of a bathroom space. Shower niches are inexpensive problem solvers for storage purposes. From a practical standpoint, shower niches provide a convenient storage solution for keeping shower essentials within easy reach, eliminating the need for unsightly shower racks or cluttering the sides of the tub. This not only helps to maintain a clean and organized bathroom but also contributes to a more streamlined and visually appealing shower area. Using different tiles can give a small accent of pattern to your shower to bring the whole thing together.

shower niche - 2 - storage shower niche - long with accent tile

Raise the Ceiling

    • Raising the ceiling in a shower area can indeed have several benefits, both practical and aesthetic. One benefit is that raising the ceiling allows for better air circulation. A higher ceiling in your shower can also make for a more relaxing shower experience. For taller individuals, a higher ceiling provides more headroom and eliminates the need to crouch while showering, enhancing comfort and usability. From a design perspective, a raised ceiling can also create a sense of spaciousness and openness in the shower area, making it feel more luxurious and inviting. Keep in mind your whole bathroom and how far or high you want to raise it. If your shower is small with a high ceiling, it can have an elevator shaft effect.

before renovated shower after renovated shower- long ceiling


Add a Square or Rectangle Shower

    • Rectangular and square showers offer numerous benefits, particularly when it comes to water-saving capabilities and accessibility. The spaciousness of a rectangle or square shower helps in installing a low-flow shower head, which helps reduce waste usage without sacrificing the experience. They are also versatile because you can customize it to whatever space you want. Accessibility is another important consideration, especially for individuals with mobility issues or disabilities. The open layout of rectangular and square showers provides easy access for people who may have difficulty stepping over high thresholds or navigating narrow spaces. This can greatly improve independence and safety in the bathroom.

rectangle shower renovation rectanlge square shower

Double Showerhead

    • A double shower head can bring a lot of versatility to your bath experience. The fixed shower head provides a luxurious spa-like experience, delivering a steady stream of water that envelops the body in a relaxing cascade. This can create a sense of indulgence and luxury, making the shower feel like a rejuvenating retreat. On the other hand, the handheld shower head offers practicality and convenience, allowing users to easily reach and target specific areas of the body or the shower enclosure. Having a fixed showerhead and a handheld showerhead can add more flexibility to your shower while also adding a unique and sleek style to your showers.

dual shower heads. built in and hand held dual shower heads 2- built in and hand held

Clawfoot Tubs

    • Clawfoot tubs are indeed a delightful addition to any bathroom, offering a blend of vintage charm and luxurious comfort.In terms of comfort, clawfoot tubs are renowned for their ergonomic design, providing ample space for stretching out and soaking in luxurious comfort. The raised backrest and sloping sides offer excellent support and relaxation, making it an ideal spot for unwinding after a long day. Clawfoot tubs are also extremely comfortable. Most importantly, they are long-lasting. These tubs have been around for centuries because they have been built to last.

clawfoot tub 1 clawfoot tub 2

Maximize Lighting

    • Lighting plays a crucial role in the functionality, safety, and style of a bathroom. Proper lighting is necessary to make your daily routines more easy and accurate. In addition to functionality, lighting also contributes significantly to the overall ambiance and style of the bathroom. Well-placed lighting fixtures can enhance the mood and atmosphere, whether you prefer a bright and energizing space or a soft and relaxing ambiance. Proper shower lighting can help prevent accidents and slips by providing clear visibility. Overall, investing in proper lighting for your bathroom is essential for creating a space that is both functional and visually appealing while also prioritizing safety and convenience.

shower and bath lighting shower lighting

Add Unique Tile

    • There are many benefits to adding unique tiles to your shower. Not only does it provide an added design eliminate. Moreover, using high-quality tiles can enhance the longevity and durability of your shower remodel. Durable materials like ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone are resistant to water damage and wear, ensuring that your shower remains beautiful and functional for years to come. accent tiles can be strategically placed to highlight specific features or areas within the shower or bathtub enclosure. When selecting accent tiles, it’s essential to consider timeless options that won’t quickly go out of style. Classic choices like subway tiles or simple geometric patterns provide versatility and longevity, ensuring that your shower design remains stylish for years to come. Adding in accent walls of tile can also help enhance your bathtub or bathing experience.

accent niche tile bathtub wall tiled subway tile shower