Architects Vs. Interior Designers

Architects vs Interior Designers

Deciding whether you need an architect or an interior designer depends on your needs. A trusted general contractor will be needed by both professional in order to bring your project to life.

Architects design buildings of any kind. An architect will draw up a design for a building or room (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) from scratch and supervise its construction. They will aim to build a unique and stylish building while making sure that the structure is both stable and sound.

Interior designers work with a client to draw up a design for the interior of a building while making sure the space is both functional and aesthetic. These designs can be simple only dealing with furnishings and paint or they can be more intensive and require a construction contractor to make structural changes.

Do you want to build a home from scratch and work with a professional to create both the interior and exterior? In this case you need an architect, while more expensive they can build exactly the home you want from the foundation up. Have a home that simply needs a makeover? This is a job for an interior designer. For considerably less than an architect a designer can help you decide whether to knock down a wall or put one up, what color to paint your living room, what countertop surface best suits your dream kitchen and much more. While both professions provide unique and valuable services, a contractor will be needed to make their ideas reality.